12 September 2019

Caring for Your Baby Efficiently With Timeflys Baby Monitor

When I was a first time mom to my now 5th grader Sophia, my mother helped me with my brand new responsibility of caring for a little human. But for the second time as I gave birth to Samantha two years ago, who's now a chunky toddler, I was mostly on my own. And guys, just like most moms who breastfeed their babies, I didn't have enough sleep, we were literally together 24/7. While I love my rainbow baby very much, I cried deep inside when I wanted to just poop, err have coffee, in peace. Well, Sammybear was and is still an easy baby. It was just that I can't leave her in the room on her own in the fear of her falling from the bed (she didn't like sleeping on the crib) or worst, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Guys, I survived it all. We're alive and that's what matters. But had I known there are products that can make parenting a bit easier, I shouldn't have sold my soul to online shopping sites just to stay sane lol.

And what exactly is this? Omg moms, it's a baby freaking monitor from Timeflys! So what does it do? You can read more about it on Celerhina Aubrey's and K Figuracion's blogs here and here. But here's a quick rundown of its features that my friends from Timeflys shared with me 
  • Making sure that room is just the exact temperature for the baby, not too hot or not too cold, it lets parents see the actual temperature of the room on the device with its built-in thermometer. 
  • See in the dark with the built-in night light. No need for a different night light in the room. The Timeflys baby monitor is here to keep the darkness away. 
  • Lets you listen in to your baby while you're away from their immediate vicinity. This frees up parents to do minor chores or just basically chill in the living room or get a quick bite to eat without worrying what's happening to their precious baby. 
  • Play any of the 8 built-in lullabies to get your baby fall asleep. 

As parents, our baby's safety is always the priority. And Timeflys is a helpful tool that we can use for a breezy parenting while we cope with the daily demands of life.

Timeflys is available online at The Nest and Knots&Pans and in stores like Babymama, The Parenting Emporium and Rustan's for 3,200 php per unit only.


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