24 April 2018

5 Tips to Get Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

When Sophia was one month old, whenever I'd feel like crying because I don't know what to do with a wailing infant at 2 in the morning, my mama would be in our room to rescue her granddaughter from the crazy, clueless me. Nine years after, now with Samantha, I am practically on my own. Well, I love my baby bear so much but I have to be honest, it's exhausting! So much so that my backpain's agreeing as I write this. Sure, she doesn't wail like her big sister but gosh, putting her to sleep is such a big production number! Fine, let's be fair. It's only tough in the beginning. Once she gets in a deep sleep, she lets me sleep, too – like a true caring boss. Ha!

So how do I do it? Here are my simple but very doable Tips to Get Your Baby Sleep Through the Night that actually work! 

1. There's a thing called routine. 

Any supermom can tell you how effective this is. Giving your baby routine can help her familiarize with her surroundings. Say, it's a queue for bedtime once you turn on the lamp. Some kids can't sleep when their routine was suddenly changed so best to stick to it. 

2. Nothing's more calming than a warm sponge bath.

Get a small basin with lukewarm water, pour few drops of your baby's bodywash, dip in a clean washcloth and use it to wipe her arms and legs. It doesn't just clean her body but it can also relax her muscles from whole day of being carried to the crib and back. 

3. You got to teach her the difference between day and night. 

Just do your thing during the day but practice swift ninja moves at night. A baby who is used to sleeping despite hearing some noise in the morning will most likely understand the difference between daytime and nighttime sleeping. Also, do not overtire your baby during the day as it might make her restless at night. 

4. Make Sure She's Not Hungry

Even adults wake up in the middle of the night when they have empty stomach. So whether you are breastfeeding or using formula milk, please have a heart and feed your baby. For my fellow breastfeeding moms, if they latch non-stop, let them. Sleep-deprivation doesn't kill you anyway. 

5. Use a Diaper That Has the Perfect Protection

What most parents do when their babies cry in the middle of their sleep is change their nappies thinking it's already wet. And nothing's more frustrating than finding out it isn't full yet. It just made the baby uncomfortable because her bum got soaked in her own pee.

A baby that slept through the night is a happy baby at day!
That was what happened to us. I have nothing against the brand Samantha formerly used, we still like it among the other existing diaper brands, but we're so glad we found out about BabyLove Gold Premium Pants! It was heaven-sent to this ever tired mama. Sam now has longer sleep at night. In fact, I sometimes have to wake her up just to feed. What makes it more convenient for busy parents is its availability online! You can purchase it at its official store at Lazada, where they have a special promo starting tomorrow, April 25 until April 27. Shipping is free and you can pay cash upon delivery! Perfect deal, indeed for the perfect protection our babies need. 

How about you, queens – how do you get your baby sleep through the night?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BabyLove but all tips and thoughts are my own. 

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