03 February 2018

Real Delights – Breastmilk Boosters

Real Delights is a roundup of products or services that my family and I have personally tried and liked. We may buy it or could be given to us but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

When I had Sophia in 2008, I had no concrete plans on how I will raise her. I mean, I knew that I will instill the importance of being a good follower of Christ on her, that reading makes one smart and to eat whatever is served on the table but breastfeeding wasn't in my mommy priorities. Sure, at 24, I knew how it can be beneficial for her but since I only had Smart Parenting magazine and an old-school book about caring for babies, I didn't have enough knowledge to push me to do it. Also, sadly, it didn't help that the mothers around me (including my own mama) weren't encouraging when I showed signs of giving up. Kaya maswerte the moms who gave birth when the internet became more accessible to information.

Sophia was not totally kawawa naman. She was able to get the colostrum and we had 3 weeks of [painful] breastfeeding experience but that's just it. Perhaps, I was okay with not doing it at all when I saw that she was responding well to her very expensive formula milk. Read: Sugar in formula made her really botchog. I just thought of going back to work immediately so I can buy her loads of milk because wow, she was always hungry!

My first girl turned out well apparently but if I can bring back the time, I will gladly breastfeed her just like what I am doing with her little sister, Samantha now. Back when I only had her, even if we were not expecting to have another baby, I promised myself that I will be a breastfeeding momma should we be given a baby again. And thank God it happened! So here I am, about to blog the breastmilk boosters that I have tried so far. Well, I shall make kwento my breastfeeding journey, I guess, when I'm done with it na... when Samantha weans. So matagal pa yun 'cause the cheeks say it all - she enjoys my milk in its superlative.

I am truly enjoying it, too, to be honest. Breastfeeding makes me happy! It wouldn' t be called the liquid gold for nothing, that's one. Another is the urge to stuff my face with all that can help boost my supply. I started painfully, just like most BFing moms, but the supply wasn't really a problem. I researched for and got hold of  these to maintain it and well... 'cause they are yummy!

A lot of my Facebook followers recommended this when I asked about the ways they did to boost and maintain their milk supply. My husband R first found some in a Robinson's Supermarket in the city. It's PhP250 for the 1000ml bottle, PhP100 for the smaller bottle. Mabilis maubusan nito; good thing we found out that there's a lot of stocks pala in Andok's stores –same price! If there's no Robinson's or Andok's near you, though, there are online stores that sell it. Medyo mas mahal nga lang.  
It tastes like the usual tea so a tea-drinker like me loves it. I always have it iced-cold with calamansi juice as how R makes it. I tried it without calamansi and okay rin naman. I tried it cold with milk and surprisingly, masarap rin but best pa rin for me is the way my husband prepares it. Especially if siya ang magtitimpla, with love eh! Hihi. 
I knew about this when I saw it on my friend's IG Stories. Kim of Mom on Duty is a breastfeeding momma, too. She gave birth two weeks after I did. In fact, she shared her January Mom Finds on her blog that include the breastfeeding essentials she recently found out about.

Anyway, the coffee and chocolate mixes are Php140 per pack of 8 sachets. It's a bit costly than your usual coffee and chocolate drink but with its benefits, the price is just right na rin naman. I think, though that the choco mix is better than the coffee mix in the taste department. So I added Coffeemate French Vanilla liquid creamer na lang to my coffee and ayun, it tasted so special already!
Again, with the power of my followers, I found this store! There are a lot of homebaking mommas, who sell lactation cookies and other sweet treats but their prices made me feel like I'm buying a can of formula already. Ang mamahal, momshies! Kalerks. As in, almost a thousand bucks for just a few pieces. Eh akala ko ba mas makakatipid kapag breastfed ang bagets 
I'm glad that Sweet's Surprise's Momma Box isn't that costly. And guys, medyo I scrutinize others' luto ha 'cause I know my way in the kitchen pero this one, walang halong eme – ang sarap! My favorite is the butterscotch. It's SO good. 

There you go. I hope this little piece of information helps you if you are struggling with your breastmilk supply or should you decide to breastfeed your child. Please know, though, that these boosters do not work at all without enough rest and healthy food. And most importantly, water galore. Ika nga ni Madam Zenaida Seva, ang mga bituin ay gabay lamang. Haha, I'm not making sense anymore. Basta, I hope you keep in mind that breastfeeding is not about you or what other moms say that you got to do, it's not about getting the most expensive pump or having the fattest milk – it's all about your baby and her needs.

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