24 July 2013

Never Leave Your Child Unattended

I woke up with so much positivity today because I noticed that my little punk's chicken pox blisters have dried up. I even shared a cute and funny conversation with her on my Facebook fan page. Scanning my FB news feed while the girl's watching Sofia the First encore on Disney Channel, I saw this video that my highschool classmate, who is now a dad, shared on his wall. It's kinda long but you should watch it.

I'm sure they just made this up but it really disturbed me.  If we can't leave our "valuables" (read: mobile phones, wallet and the like) unattended, the more we should not let our children be alone! It's a good campaign for stupid parents but  I really felt so awful after watching this. There are existing cases happening around the world, hence the making of this film. Royalties, I know that we need to teach our children to be independent but it doesn't mean we have to leave them by themselves inside a car under the scorching heat strapped in a seat, especially if they can't talk yet! I can't keep calm.


  1. Poor child. My heart sank seeing the baby crying like that. :( I wanna strangle the mother or take the baby from her!

  2. This is horrible. I could never leave my kids inside the car. Especially now that the summer heat in Texas is horrid... it goes up to 41 degrees. The car feels like your inside the oven.

    I just can't get my head around the excuse of forgetting one's child inside the car. I mean, seriously?! How?! That's just me... maybe some really do.

  3. Ay nako, I'm so mad at this. If you think this simulation is so horrible, check my blog post about an actual case of a mom who left her twin babies in the car while she shopped for makeup


  4. BTW, di ko kinaya tapusin itong video. I had to stop at the part where the baby is already crying inside the car kasi I knew it would really just make me feel bad :(

  5. ayaw ko panoorin, kwento mo na lang sa akin hihi pero sa totoo lang kahit isang segundo hindi ko kayang iwan ang mga bata sa kotse na sila lang..

  6. Me too! I had to stop kasi awang-awa na ako dun sa baby. :'( The kid's the same age as Allie's, I think. Di ko ma-imagine yung baby ko na magkaganyan. :(

    1. At first I was teary-eyed. Then I felt anger towards the stupid mom. Buti na lang this is just a made-up video.

  7. nalulungkot ako. di ko kaya to watch it. it really disturbs me :-(I'm sorry but moms like this do not deserve to have a child.

  8. I watched this video and buti na lang they indicated that it's like an 'enactment' chenes of what possibly happens in cases like these, more of spreading awareness ang goal nila. And because I found it horrifying how a mom can actually do the groceries while her baby is strapped alone in the car, I did a little research and read na ang dami na palang ganitong cases sa US. Nakakaloooka. Can't imagine how and why it would even occur to them that it's ok to do what they did - yung iwan yung bata sa loob. According to some cases, parang ang 'justification' daw nung ibang parents was they were super busy or stressed and the fact that the kid is in the backseat just slipped their mind, nakakalimutan na may baby sa car seat kasi tahimik or tulog or something like that. :(

    Buti na lang dito sa atin, sanay tayo na if there's a baby or a kid in the car, kailangan laging may another adult who gets to stay with the little one, may car seat man o wala.