13 May 2013

I'm a Well-Loved and Blessed Wife

The night before yesterday, I gave my mama a cake from Goldilocks and a family dinner package we bought from Chowking as my gift for Mother's Day. I also shared with her some of the loot I got from a Cif event I attended that day, too.

Earlier, while I was at the CIf event, Rhambo and I had this conversation. I told him it's okay na wala na akong gift na matanggap from him kasi nga he has a dining table na pinapagawa na. Okay na sa'kin yun.

So this was what I was doing on a Mother's Day morning. Malungkot din pala, ano?

Until someone was knocking at the gate. Walang bra at puno ng muta ang mata, nilabas ko ang kumakatok na may dalang bulaklak! Hindi siya, mothers. Pero sundalo na napagutusan. Ay nakuuuuu, kiligness to the highest level. Ayan nga my fez oh. ;)

Then after lunch, dumating na ang isa pang gift ko for myself. Actually, gift pa din ito ni Rhambo kung tutuusin kasi galing sa midyear bonus niya, but I chose and bought it. Tadaah! Meet my blogging table. Eto nga, I'm blogging here na. Good vibes! 

I feel so loved and blessed. How about you, mudrakels? How was your Mother's Day? :)

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  1. you're such a lucky and blessed wifey! lucky and blessed din si hubby sayo! :)