17 March 2013

Watch + Read: Gabriel Pietro

This gwapito over here is the unico hijo of my new found friend, M. I actually made kulit na her to scout for swimming class para LB and her little man would be classmates. The two kids did not show instant fondness to each other when they first met at McDonald's in Marikina Heights. But eventually, one will always look for the another in the middle of the play area. 5-year-old Gabriel Pietro Perdices Sambilay or Gab is studying in Infant Jesus Academy in Marikina City. One night, his mom and I were on textathon that the topic was him and LB's funny kalokohans. One of those was how we get annoyed when we're watching movies with our kids. Say, nasa climax na and you were so glued already, but then ang bagets napag-tripan simulan ulit. Ganun. That's how Gab and LB are. And yeah, they almost have the same interests. Like weird cartoons. Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time aren't what usual kids their age would watch. I mean, there's Special Agent Oso, Doc McStuffins, and other cute and wholesome shows. Etong dalawa, they like makulit visuals. Okay, hindi ko sila pinagkakasundo ha. Haha! I'm just happy na may nakaplay-date na ka-age niya ang anak ko, aside from her classmates. 

These are Gab's current favorite toons and books. Anything your child likes from the photo? :)


  1. Favorite din ni Meg yang Adventure time and Amazing World of Gumball, di ko magets bakit e ang weird ng mga itsura hehe.

  2. Cute and adorable Gabriel! I wish I get a boy, too. It's so nice if you have mom friends who have kids the same age as yours. You get to exchange stories and experiences with them. Lucky you!

    I am also a mom of a four year old girl, and I never really had a play date with a mom my age who has a child my daughter's age. My husband and I have been on our own since we got married so my in-laws and my parents never really had a say on how we raised our daughter. And I only have a handful of friends who have children.

    My support group is only from online sources like reading from your blogs and forums.

  3. You know what, I found this annoying orange vidz very violent. Have you seen it? What do you think?

    1. I'm not familiar with Annoying Orange. But in case it may be too violent for a 5-year-old, I'm pretty sure his mom will tell him it's just a video, not real life. :)

  4. I'm not yet familiar with their favorite programs, well two years old pa lang naman kasi ang baby ko. And right now, blue's clues, hi-5 and mr. rogers pa lang ang pinapanood nya. =)