28 February 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

As a SAHM, I do all the chores. I nag every.single.day to my 4-year-old to pick up her own mess, wear her slippers, eat efficiently and fast, not too near the TV, stop kicking the stray cat, never let the faucet open and more things I actually do not want to share with you anymore. You might change your impression that LB's an adorable doll. Haha!

So at weekends, I want some difference.

I never cared that much about her mess. But I still shout when she kicks the poor stray cat, of course. I let her scatter her toys, painting materials and herself on the floor.

Sometimes, I let her dip in her pool. This is very beneficial for both of us. The hard areas in her legs and feet soften as she soaks in water for 30 good minutes; and as for me, I can sip my coffee or tea without distractions. Weekends are are meant for some peace and quiet. Oh, it has expiration though. Only until Sunday, 8pm. 

And when I knew about Electrolux's new arrivals, I couldn't believe that there could be a silent blender and a peaceful vacuum cleaner. I mean, these two are the loudest home gadgets, ever. 

Until now, the little boss gets scared when I make her mango smoothie using our Garant blender. 'Cause it sounds like a lawn mower. See that pink representation of how blending goes with Electrolux? It's like it's meant for me. Pink, fabulous and quiet. 

Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender
I think even without my husband home, I feel like I have a maangas guy at home. Look at this hunk of a vacuum here. Isn't he like the Ryan Gosling of vacuum cleaners?! I wouldn't dare let anyone touch him, but me.

Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green Vacuum Cleaner
Alright, this is craziness and more. Please head on over at the Electrolux Philippines website to know more about these awesome twosome. You can also follow them on Twitter @ElectroluxPH for updates.


  1. Our automatic washing machine is under this brand too... tahimik nga din... it washes for about two hours, not sure of the time since si hubby ang labandero. But for that duration, hindi nakakairita sa pandinig.

  2. Okay to ah :) Will check Electrolux nga. Thanks!

  3. summer na summer ang picture ni LB, swimming in the 'pool' while eating ice cream. :)

  4. Every SAHM badly needs these babies and yes they can do wonders to our home. Peaceful weekends is LOVE.

  5. Naku mukhang matutuwa mother ko dito sa Electrolux na to. If it's not maingay, good good good. :D

  6. I have to say that vacuum cleaners are really heaven sent.

  7. Maingay nga talaga. When we use vacuum cleaners, nagugulat si Elijah and he doesn't know whether to stay out of 'the danger zone' or come closer to see what's happening. Good thing meron palang silent vacuum. Now, there is nothing to be heard but a nagging mom. haha