05 December 2012

Confessions of a Non-Supermom but Aspiring Parent Achiever

When I was a gradeschool student, I knew and was aware that I was a fast learner. I belonged to the smart pack of the class. Bragging aside (but it would sound like that), I was a consistent first honor from Grades 1-4. Then the Top 9 in the National Elementary Achievement Test of our batch. I also joined Regional Press Conferences. I won 2nd place for Headlining & Copy Writing category in Filipino; besting out that girl from De La Salle-Zobel, she got the 9th. But it unknowingly changed in high school. I abhorred Algebra and never got to memorize the Periodic Table of Elements and Chemistry. I felt that it was so irrelevant to my life! I secretly contributed to our school paper through my poems. I think they published one. Oh well, I still graduated though with a general average of 88%. Not that bad. So... I took revenge in college, being on the Dean's list twice and once on the President's list. I regretted the fact that I was so close to being a Cum Laude but as fate dictated, I got a low grade in Sociology. Of all subjects? The professor was something else, hello! Shoot, she hates anyone combing in her class. And she can't believe that I was born in Quezon City! What the? Anyway, I'm still happy I wore that black toga. I once dreamed of going to Graduate School because I aimed to be a professor. But I got pregnant two years after graduating from college and was already a working girl. Things changed.

I used to question myself with a lot of what-ifs. But then LB made me realize that I should make the best out of the situation. I now aim to be a great parent that I should be. In my 4 years of being a mother, I never claimed that I am a super mom. Though I felt the rush of strength as if I swallowed a stone Ding gave me whenever I was called for it. (I hope you got the joke, please.) Parenting is not an easy feat. I am learning and grasping each corner of its concept. My little pink warrior is a handful. She's a big ball of energy, bouncing everywhere. And momma, was she a crazy hard-headed mini version of her father! A pint-sized character actress. My easy-cool parenting when she was a terrific two couldn't match to her already fabulous four-year-old demeanor now; so I changed to strict military-ish approach. She became an angry kid. I was a basket case. But I am a human being hungry for new things to learn. I tried all the best I can. Here are some:

Parenting Goal: No Yelling   
Progress: Gradually Getting There 
Award: A pat in the back 
  • My hard-headed little alaskadora can get used to this, stronger words in a calm but stern voice. We both learned to compromise. I let her wear what she wore for school today, instead of nagging at her to change to house clothes. So she finished her late lunch in a neat and undisturbed bliss. I have learned to choose my battles. It's not always good to justify, that because you're the parent, you will always have your way. Let your kid express herself then take it from there. If you think you know better, you should also know how to be calmer. 
Parenting Goal: Handling Tantrums 
Progress: Chicken. Peanut. I'm the Queen. 
Award: Gold Crown, what else? 
  • I'm like, doing it with two eyes closed. Whenever she throws a fit, I do the Carmina Villaroel way --- bahala kayo diyan, basta ako pretty! Click HERE about my improvement and how you can also do it. 
Parenting Goal: Instilling Faith in God 
Progress: Thank You, Jesus. LB Knows You and What You Can Do. 
Award: Reserved throne in Heaven 
  • I admitted about not going to church every Sunday. But we pray before eating and do our best to pray before going to sleep. She also has a Bible Story book. When it rains too hard or whenever I miss her Tatay, I will tell her to pray with me. This is a cute and funny story about LB as a child of Jesus: When LB Prayed.
These are three among the many goals I aim to reach as a parent. I know, with my husband's help and armed with God's guidance, I can achieve it. But I also believe that being a parent doesn't stop when your children become one, too. Even if LB reaches her forty, she will always be my first baby. ♥ 


  1. hip hip hooray for these goals and for passing them with flying colors! I believe what's happening to me now is the reverse... I am finding myself easily on the verge of yelling (if I haven't yelled already in the blink of an eye) and so I am trying really, really hard to not fall into the abysmal of a nagger mom! It's really, really hard. The tantrums and the faith in God is also one of those things that I am trying to get my rear to gear. With the busy schedule we have, it's so difficult to find time and be collected but we moms always try our best, don't we? :) I honestly love this post!

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Oh no, I'm still taking NO YELLING 101. Haha! I haven't finished that yet. I still had attacks, but fortunately, only the mild ones. It takes process though but I know you can! Cheers! :)

  2. I'm glad I clicked on this as a suggested post to read. I am still struggling with the "No Yelling" part too. My daughter is turning four, and she's currently a cross between her terrible three-year old self, and her increasingly-independent, makwento and sweet self --- bad days can get crazy, but the good days are definitely to be treasured.

    I love what you said here "I have learned to choose my battles. It's not always good to justify, that because you're the parent, you will always have your way. Let your kid express herself then take it from there. If you think you know better, you should also know how to be calmer. " Will definitely take this to heart, keep it in mind, and practice it. :)