28 November 2012

A Kingdom Will Never be Complete Without the King

When Rhambo & I have started dating, we were very sure about our love for each other that we already saw ourselves as husband & wife. But I never really expected that to be his wife entails me to do what I avoided to happen --- be a solo parent. Well, geographically. Being a military wife is something I am proud to be. Not all women can achieve to get married and submit to a man but then do things by herself and decide on her own most of the time. 

I hope he'll give me a handsome washer and dryer. ;) source
Rhambo is currently at "work" and like what his phone told me, "cannot be reached". He's not updated about our moving out/moving in event but he knew that I already found a new place for us. He doesn't know that I bought plastic chairs for our dining area that we could temporarily use along with our glass table. He doesn't know that Sophia recently had her 2nd assessment. He doesn't know that I need him now more than ever (okay --- this is an exaggeration). Well, he texted me earlier that I shouldn't wait for him to move out from MIL's house anymore and that I can just hire a closed truck van because he can't come home to help me. Sigh. And what did I just reply? "Okay, ako na bahala."

To my dear husband, even the US President hangs curtains. source
It's not easy to be a wife, more so to be an army wife. The name of the game is waiting: wait till he sends you SMS, wait till he can come home and wait till he can finally fulfill his job as a husband & a father. Boy, he does when he can. That's why I miss my man. I miss it when we bicker over house chores. Even if I know he won't help me hang the curtains again (Hey R aka my husband, if you'll see this in the future --- I challenge you! Mwah!), I'd still be glad to hear him say "sige gagawin ko yan mamaya!" (it never happens, fyi. shh.)

I also heard from the old folks a saying that you should move in to a new house as a family, aside from bringing in rice, water, coins & salt. But we can't do that now. I did the bringing in thing though. I'm almost done in fixing my humble kitchen. I just need to buy a few things that I don't have since I share the house with MIL. I can't wait to cook yet another delectable dish for my king, that he pays with a kiss after his first taste, and he'll say "winner cordero, beb!"
I can finally have my own kingdom as I have envisioned. But I still have to wait for my husband to make it complete. It is, after all, not Queen you partner with -dom, but King.


  1. Agree completely, unless there is a king, there would be no Kingdom.

  2. Agreed. We can't call it a Kingdom without a King. :)

  3. so agreed with the thought! lol....it's just like at home, without a father, a family would never be called a family...

  4. work as a team that makes the household a better place :D king and queen must work together to accomplish things easily :D


  5. Moving is not a fun thing at all and you need a husband to help you. A family is not complete without a Daddy that leads the family :-)


  6. you're right a Kingdom is not a Kingdom without a king.. you should be proud you are a military wife..

  7. If the King is away, the Queen takes his place in the house. And when he comes back, everyone in the home welcomes him with joy.


  8. Here's hope that your kingdom will finally have its king where he truly belongs.

  9. It must be hard, sis.. but you can do it. Your husband trusts that you make good decisions in his absence.


  10. It is always two to tango if with out the queen the king wouldn't function well. There is a funny quote i've read before that "The king is the head and the queen is always the neck" :))


    1. Oh, I love that! Will definitely share that with my King. :)

  11. HI there mommy Denise. So sorry about that. I am sure it is not that easy for you, but I know you are a strong woman. YOu can do it. I do agree though. It won't be a Kingdom without your KING.

  12. Saludo ako sa mga military wives. May MIL was, good thing FIL retired a couple of years ago but now, she's a military mother. It's like it runs in their blood. I am not made for that, good thing hubby is into computers and didn't go into military. I am too dependent on him to let him go on his assignments.