20 July 2012

This Laptop is a Blessing

Closed eyes and with a grateful heart, I uttered "Thank You, Lord for this life". I never thought I will be this happy and contented despite giving up my job as a Sales Training Specialist in NSJBI. I thought that I will get depressed and will feel emotional being stuck at home. Actually, I feel more fulfilled being at home now than when I was at the office. Right at this very moment, I just told the helper to prepare all the ingredients, but I'll be the one cooking for dinner. Later, I'll teach my daughter her own pre-bedtime beauty regimen and will lull her to sleep with some Lenka music. Bliss, isn't it? But we are not living in a land of milk and honey. I still have to do something that could help my husband with regard to our financial needs. Sadly, my preschooler can't appreciate this yet. All she wants is for me to stay at home and do EVERYTHING with her.

A close family member asked me if I'm earning from this blog, I said no. Some bloggers do. I'm taking baby steps. Right now, I tapped into some sponsors for possible giveaways that can drive traffic into this blog. I'm really excited for the coming months! I'm preparing for something really special for my dear readers on September. ♥

However, as I may taking it gradually in blogging, I don't want to just sit and wait for my husband's salary, especially that I am a military wife. I should know how to fend for my family even without his "physical" support in case of, whatever. That's when I thought that I can do some online job. I tried oDesk, iWriter, writers.ph, etc. But to no avail. I thought hard about it. Maybe it's not for me. La-la-la.

With constant prayers and Facebooking, I thought of opening my own online store. I contacted a co-military wife about some accessories that I could resell and we had agreed upon her terms and conditions. I might also go to some outlet stores for some "spoofed" shirts and in the thrifty shopper's paradise --- Divisoria. Little by little, I know I could eventually call myself a mompreneur (in my case that LB calls me Nanay, it's nanaygosyante). Well, we used to have an Internet Shop, but we decided to sell it to my sister-in-law. Because the only thing I know about computer is using the internet. Period. But now that I'll be selling things that I personally would choose to have, it wouldn't be much of a bargain, only it's not that big time. When you sell something of low value, the profit is of low value as well. Something I learned as a Real Estate Sales Training Specialist.

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    1. Pia's current favorite is Trouble is a Friend! :)

  2. What can I say? I myself just resigned from my job, good thing I found something good and helpful using the net. Got myself an online job and busied myself in blogging (as if,hehehe)...I don't want to feel idle and useless at all and just wait for husband's monthly "remittance". :) Good luck to your new endeavor, more sales to your online business.